Breeder Signals provides 196 pages of essential knowledge, summed up in a practical (online) book with helpful photographs, diagrams and graphics. This book is indispensable for anyone involved with broiler breeders. It’s their practical guide to breeder-focussed management.



Breeder Signals is essential for anyone working with broiler breeders


Breeder Signals contains scientifically based, but practically transformed knowledge on broiler breeder management. It offers visual practical tools and modern insights to optimise sexual behaviour, fertility, egg production and hatchability. The (online) book follows the day-old-chick arriving at the rearing house through the laying period and up to egg transport to the hatchery.


Practical approach: look-think-act

Breeder Signals is based on the look-think-act approach of the famous Poultry Signals© series. This approach challenges the user to understand the signals breeders are giving, to act upon them and ensure maximum production of first grade hatching eggs. The Signals© concept is highly visual and based on three basic questions:


  1. What do I see (hear, feel, smell, taste)? What’s the signal? (LOOK)

  2. How did this happen? What’s the explanation? (THINK)

  3. What am I supposed to do? Is it okay or should I take action? (ACT)

The management of broiler breeders is not an exact science. If you only look at technical indicators (daily growth, feed and water use, floor eggs, etc.), you might miss important signals from your birds and their environment. The true art is learning to see, interpret and correctly respond to the signals you come across in practical situations. And that art can be mastered.