Even though you are a professional, you know these situations that you want to check if you are right in what you see and think. How wonderful to have our (online) book to consult and refresh your knowledge. Breeder Signals is your comprehensive guide to help get better results within your own broiler breeder business.


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What do the birds tell you when you take a closer look?

Feathering ofor example provides you with signals about the quality of your flock. Too nice? Then they are hardly mating.

Too little? These hens will not mate since it will be painful.


Our Signals concept is based on three basic questions: 


1. What do I see (hear, feel, smell, taste)? What’s the signal? (LOOK)

2. How did this happen? What’s the explanation? (THINK)

3. What am I supposed to do? Is it okay or should I take action? (ACT)


Science made practical

Breeder Signals is a reference guide in which most facts can be found. We've made the science practically applicable, based on issues a poultry farmer encounters on a daily basis.

If you determine what effect you can have on the behaviour of the birds and evaluate that, this method can provide you with ways to make rapid progress.  


The true art is learning to see, interpret and correctly respond to the signals you come across in practical situations.


If you only look at technical indicators (daily growth, feed and water use, floor eggs, etc.), you might miss important signals from your birds and their environment. So, always use all your senses. Embed this in your daily routine.


This allows you to pick up signals better and more consciously. Learn what normal behaviour is by looking at it as often and as objectively as possible. Once you know what’s normal, you will be able to recognise abnormalities and prevent operational blindness.


The benefits from using our content: 

✔️Apply Scientificly Based Knowledge Directly
✔️Strengthen Your Problem Observation Abilities
✔️Prevent tunnel vision
✔️Quick Return On Investment 

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